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Smart swimwear RoDaSoleil - smooth tan, no white marks.
Benefits of Smart Swimsuits and Beachwear by RoDaSoleil
Smooth tan without white marks
Protection against the negative effects of the sunlight
Preservation of the skin: photo-aging prevention
Dries instantly and allows the skin to breathe
Longevity: our swimwear do not fade or loose colour
Less consumption of chemical sunscreen
About us
Our Philosophy - responsible attitude towards the planet Earth and the well-being of human health.

RoDaSoleil swimsuits are made of an innovative fabric that acts as a sunscreen with the SPF of 35. Apart from being arguably effective sunscreen has negative effects on the flora and fauna of the deep blue waters as well as on the health of human beings. It is enough to save you from the undesirable effects of being in the sun and provide you with an even tan.
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